SpeedPro COBRA スピードプロ コブラ スリップオンマフラー C5 Slip-on Road Legal】EEC】ABE homologated BMW R 1200 GS スリップオン■商品番号

More features are
- Made in Germany
- low weight
- removable DB Killer
- super-light holder
- corrosion-resistant construction
- full sound

Decal(ロゴ):Laserlogo Sleeve length(サイレンサー長):300mm Sleeve material(素材】仕上げ):aluminium, surface finish: black velvet

R1200GS 04-13 R12
R1200GS Adventure 04-13 R12

Slip-on kit road legal/EEC/ABE homologated.
Complete mounting kit including link pipe and all mounting parts, hangers, removable DB Killer
Turn signals must be shifted or smaller turn signals must be used.
Original Kat is preserved.
Requires optional use of panniers, suitcases, either hotplates or Slash-Down DB Killer optional. Or use 450mm damper. In any case, check the sufficient distance of the exhaust gas jet.
No welded or screwed holder (such as for Megacone) possible. And / or holder must be attached by yourself.
SPEEDPRO COBRA C5 motorcycle exhaust systems are known for their quality and full sound. The mufflers/silencers are available in different length, materials and shapes.

DB Killer: The removal or alteration of the DB Killer result in the loss of the EC type-approval (German: ABE/EG) and is strictly for motor racing purposes
・heat resistant
【3-D Nietenschild】
・wunderschones geschliffenes Aluminium im 3D Look
・exclusiv, edel, einzigartig!
【Sleeve material】
The silencer is available in different sleeve materials and finish, respectively. The standard version, HiTec Aluminium 7065 highly polished, is available at no extra charge. Aluminium 7065 matt brushed, matt black, CarbonRi or Titanium versions are also available, for an extra charge.
【sleeve aluminum, sleeve material/surface finish: brushed】
-aluminum sleeve
-material: 7075 T6
-length: 450 -200mm
-thickness: 2mm
-surface: matt brushed
【sleeve aluminium, sleeve material/surface finish: black anodized】
Aluminum black anodized, length 450-200mm, 2mm
This item cannot be ordered individually, only as an upgrade option (surcharge).
【sleeve aluminium, sleeve material/surface finish: polished】
aluminium sleeve, High Polished, length 450-200mm, 2mm
【sleeve aluminium, sleeve material/surface finish: matt white】
-aluminum sleeve
-material: 7075 T6
-length: 450-200mm
-thickness: 2mm
-surface: matt white
【sleeve aluminium, sleeve material/surface finish: titanium grey】
-aluminum sleeve
-material:7075 T6
-length: 450-200mm
-thickness: 2mm
-surface: titanium finish
【sleeve aluminium, sleeve material/surface finish: black velvet】
-aluminum sleeve
-material: 7075 T6
-length: 450-200mm
-thickness: 2mm
-surface: Black Velvet
【sleeve titanium, sleeve material/surface finish: titanium】
-ultralite titanium sleeve
-material: 7075 T6
-length: 450-200mm
-thickness: 0.6mm
-surface: titanium


SpeedPro COBRA スピードプロ コブラ スリップオンマフラー C5 Slip-on Road Legal】EEC】ABE homologated BMW R 1200 GS スリップオン:ウェビック  - e0b11

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